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Working as a Professional Taxi or PHV driver in London could be exciting and rewarding knowing you are helping to keep the city moving and vibrant. This is an important role and very beneficial to both the individual and the economy of the city.

This may not be without its challenges from the stringent regulations and Laws in place to ensure excellence safety and wellbeing of passengers through their journeys. Transport for London (TfL) is the licensing authority for London’s taxi and private hire vehicles (PHVs). PHVs plays an important role in delivering passenger transport services in London, and the standards sets by TfL is to ensure the safety of passengers and other road users.

As the licensing authority for PHV driver licences, TfL grants licence to applicants where satisfied that the applicant “is fit and proper person to hold a licence” along with other requirements. ‘Fit and Proper” is an important test and TfL has a duty to ensure that holders of PHV licence are ‘fit and proper person’ for such purpose throughout the validity of their licence period.

TfL may suspend or revoke a PHV driver licence when “no longer satisfied that the licence holder is fit to hold such a licence”. Unfortunately, refusals of TfL licence application, suspension and revocation are common phenomena of the trade.

When this happens, our team of expert well renowned in the TfL Appeal process are on hand to help however complicated the issue concerned.

You can surely rely on our expertise for a successful outcome to your problem based on your supporting evidence.

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